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Welcome to The First Ward's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Local Edition. It may not be #SmallBusinessSaturday anymore, but we thought we'd still share our favorite Tulsa places to help you with all your Christmas shopping needs. Below you'll find things for the homes, wardrobes, and bellies of you and your loved ones. Happy Holidays! 

The First Ward Gift Guide Jill Croka

We guarantee you'll want to redecorate your whole house with the dreamy things at Jill Croka Designs
1513 E 11th St / @jillcrokadesigns

The First Ward Gift Guide Sara Matson Westover MA Doran Painting

Stop into M.A. Doran for the annual holiday show featuring artists like Sara Westover (pictured)
3509 S Peoria Ave / @smwestover

The First Ward Gift Guide Contents Co Candle

If you haven't smelled our new candle yet, read about it here and then come give it a whiff! We're obsessed / Available at TFW

The First Ward Gift Guide Sullystring Pillow

When she's not at the salon, Sarah makes textile goods under the name SULLYSTRING. Find her work online or at Jenkins + Co
1335 E 11th St / @sullystring

The First Ward Gift Guide Valkyrie Tulsa

Turns out, Valkyrie has more than just serious drinks. The bar also sells books, shirts, and tools for the amateur mixologist
13 E Mathew B. Brady St / @valkyrietulsa

The First Ward Gift Guide CrossTimbers Vintage

For one of the best shopping experiences in Tulsa, check out the next First Street Flea on Dec. 17th! The Crosstimbers booth always has some great treasures
823 East First Street / @crosstimbersok

The First Ward Gift Guide Philbrook Membership

Give someone the gift of art with a Philbrook membership. The museum gift shop is also one of the best in town, so check that out too!
2727 S Rockford Rd / @philbrookmuseum

The First Ward Gift Guide Dillon Rose Jewelry

Once you see the pieces from local jewelry makers Dillon/Rose, you'll understand exactly why we asked them to collaborate on a TFW hair pin

The First Ward Gift Guide Elixir Skincare

At Elixir Skincare Studio, you'll find everything needed to take the best care of your skin: products, treatments, massages, etc. Get a gift card!
1626 S Boston Ave / @elixiryourskin

The First Ward Gift Guide Davines Hair Care

This is the year we all learn how to appropriately treat our hair. Swing by the salon to discuss which products will get the job done / Available at TFW

The First Ward Gift Guide Chimera Tulsa

We all spend too much on coffee, but it's not like we're going to quit anytime soon. Help out a friend with a Chimera gift certificate and then eat a taco. 
212 N Main St / @chimeratulsa

The First Ward Gift Guide My Mod Mess Boxyard

You could probably do all your shopping at The Boxyard. Spend some time wandering through all the cute shops (like My Mod Mess) and then call it a day. 
502 E 3rd St / @mymodmess

The First Ward Gift Guide Dalesandro's Tulsa Vintage Wine Bar

Take someone special to dinner at Dalesandro's followed by drinks at Vintage Wine Bar. #DreamDate
1742 S Boston Ave / @dalesandrostulsa

The First Ward Gift Guide Dirty Boots Vintage

Tucked in the Philcade Building downtown, Dirty Boots Vintage is stocked with retro gems. 
501 S Boston Ave / @dirtybootsvintage

The First Ward Gift Guide Tatine Soap and Lotion

We have yet to find someone that is not in love with this soap + lotion combo. The odds are in your favor / Available at TFW

The First Ward Gift Guide

...and last but never least, we always have First Ward gift certificates! Call the salon today to set-up an appointment for someone that deserves a makeover/day of relaxation/update/whatever. Mary is standing by. 



Well, we did it! The First Ward is happy to announce that we have created our first-ever custom candle. It only took us about two years to develop, but it was well worth the time.

After the short run of our pop-up shop Hygge, a spark was ignited in the minds of Team TFW. We wanted to bring a little more of the shop's cozy lifestyle into the salon. We've also always been interested in developing a signature fragrance, so the answer seemed simple: candles. The warmth and comfort of a good candle is the key to coziness. Did you know the average Danish citizen burns thirteen pounds of candlewax a year? WHOA. 

The main purpose of a First Ward candle has always been to provide a familiar sense of space that our clients and friends can take home with them. It's the same welcoming feeling we want you to experience in the salon. 

To achieve this vague and ambitious goal, we needed a candlemaker that could translate it into smells. Through our friends at Workstead, we joined forces with Beau Burdette at The Contents Co. in Charleston, South Carolina. Beau definitely spoke our language. To kick things off, Beau sent us a questionnaire that helped keep us on the right path throughout development. 

What feelings or emotions do you want this scent to convey?
Comfort and familiarity, while still being challenged. Like a song you feel you should have heard before, but is new to you. Or a new friend that seems should have been in your life forever. Or the way your home smells like you remember, but more intense, after having a great adventure overseas.

Name a few adjectives you would want others to use when describing this scent:
Androgynous, balanced, comforting. 

If this scent were a person, who would it be?
Here are a few: Jane Goodall, Benazir Bhutto, Annie Oakley, Amelia Earhart. All strong, adventurous, passionate women.

After some back and forth, Beau knocked it out of the park. At times it seemed like he knew what we wanted better than we did. He also sourced the most incredible terra-cotta vessels from a Charleston ceramicist that make for a great keepsake after the candle burns out. 

The First Ward Contents Co Candle
The First Ward Contents Co Candle Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Contents Co Candle Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Contents Co Candle Tulsa Oklahoma

So what does it smell like? We took some notes from our favorite fig candles to create something sweet, complex, and the answer to all the questions above. According to the maker, "the leathery, milky fig notes come first, with a sharper touch of citrus/floral/green aromas.... lastly a subtle earthy/woods base note." 

Honestly, it's hard to describe. All we know it's the perfect complement to the scent of the salon and we're obsessed with it. First batch is a limited supply, so get your nose over to the salon before they're all gone!

The First Ward Contents Co Candle Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Contents Co