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We Can't All Be Alexa Chung.

or How to Pick a Good Hair Inspiration Photo

Note: The following advice does not pertain to anyone with a daily hair/makeup team or unlimited access to wigs. For everyone else, we thought we'd help you find the best visual aids for your indescribable dream hair.

The First Ward Hair Salon Downtown Tulsa reference photo
The First Ward Salon reference photo

1. Avoid Filtered/Photoshopped Images
Obviously, our first priority is making your every wish come true. If you're happy, we're happy. But every once in awhile, we encounter a photo of a hair color that is only achieved by a computer. This happens most often when searching for rainbow colors or a good ashy gray. Keep an eye out for photos with an unnaturally warm or cool hint to them or too much saturation.

2. Find Images with Your Texture + Density
It's true that hair can have a mind of its own, but we can work with that. If you're looking for color, pay more attention to the texture of your hair (coarse hair is generally harder to lighten). A haircut, however, is determined more by the density of your hair (thick vs. thin). There's a reason why your bangs don't look like Alexa Chung's. If you do find a celebrity that shares your hair type, take a look at all the variations they've tested as potential options for yourself. 

3. Red Carpet vs. Everyday
Fact: People look damn good on the red carpet. It's a great source for styling ideas, but not so much for cuts and color. With the makeup, ballgowns, and a fresh gloss on their hair, it's just not how most people spend their days (if it is, more power to ya). When you see a photo from a major event, try to find that celebrity on their day off. The paparazzi will tell you the truth, at least when it comes to hair.

The First Ward Salon Downtown Tulsa reference photo

And as always, our favorite thing to do is just talk it out (seriously, we really love to talk about hair). If you have your mind set on a style, we want to make it happen in a way that works best for you. In the meantime, check out our Pinterest for ideas if you're in the mood for a change.

That's all for now. Cheers!
- The First Ward Brain Trust


It's May! Like, whoa!

Spring is blowing by and we are barely hanging on for the ride. Deepak Chopra once told us all about abundance and energy and stuff. These last few months have been so packed we can put down our self help books and just get to work. 

Anyway, this month we tell you about our makeover party, an awesome class by Amy Farid and that we finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon. 

Amy Farid Blew Our Minds

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Amy Farid May 2015

Last Monday our newest bff, Amy Farid, came by the salon to teach us a thang or two about styling. Amy is responsible for creating looks for Free People, Hood By Air, countless fashion mags, etc. When she's not flying around the world to style beauties on the beach, Amy also works at Suite Caroline in SoHo.  

Amy spent a very long day showing us exactly how to achieve certain runway looks and generally improved our understanding of what it takes to achieve those editorial styles. Her generosity and patience were equally as inspiring as the talent she exhibits behind the chair. Seriously, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from someone who actually does the work that we admire from afar and we are super grateful she came to The First Ward to share with us. 

We've learned that these styling muscles need to be nourished and excercised consistently. Call or email us if you'd let us practice our crokinole curl sets on you.

Check out a few finished looks that we we created with Amy: 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Amy Farid Style May 2015

Makeover Day

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Makeover Day May 2015

What began as a stir-crazy day in January transformed into a full fledged event at the beginning of April. We had seven deserving women come to the salon on a Sunday and, with the help of some friends, created an awesome day for them. 

We'll be posting more photos, along with the stories that made us choose these ladies on our Instagram account. If you don't already, follow us @thefirstward.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us make magic -

Spa Southern Hills brought an impressive setup and pampered all of the girls with foot and hand massages while their color was processing. 
Chimera catered in a delicious off-menu lunch for everyone involved in the event. They were so quick and helpful that I never even saw Rob to thank him. So, thanks Rob.
Vintage 1740 provided the oh-so-important champagne. Always a key ingredient when trying to talk some ladies into letting us completely chopping their hair. 
This Land Press donated a killer tote bag and free subscription to their new Quarterly Mag for the makeover recipients.
Our product distributor, Modern Salon Services, helped load those totes with Davines shampoo, conditioner, and product to maintain those fresh 'dos at home. 
Sara Westover heard what we were doing and volunteered to create a special painting for each person. What an awesome final touch. 
Last, but not least, Cheyenne Butcher was on-site all day working hard to photograph all the goings on. 

Oh, hey! We're on Pinterest!

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Pinterest May 2015

Cheyenne has been pinning her brains out for the last few weeks and we are happy to announce our Pinterest account is up and running. She has tons of rad boards going already, with more in the works. Now you can see what we're talking about before we start working on your new looks.
See what she has been up to at:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Team Lime-a-Ritas May 2015

Look, we are going to bust our asses during the holidays (actually, most of the year), so we are taking a few Saturdays off this summer to play, or just be lazy. Whatever we decide to do with our time off, we swear you'll have better hair because of it. We will be closed the following Saturdays: 

June 13
July 4
July 18
August 1
August 15
August 29

Thanks for understanding, we will see you at the park or something.

It's April, Fools.

We're Back!

I mean, we never really left, but we've crawled out of our hibernation hole to send you this little newsletter chock full of oh-so-exciting updates.

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Team Phone Booth April 2015

The holidays required about three months of recovery for us (i'm sure some of you can relate), but Spring is springing its ass off and we couldn't wait to bring some exciting news to your inbox. This month we introduce a new member of The First Ward team and show off our sexy new shampoo and conditioner from Davines. Finally, we have a thrilling announcement that is almost certainly not a joke. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Product Davines Minu April 2015

We know that you know we love our Davines products, but do you know why? It's not only because of how awesome they work for our clients, but also for the company's commitment to the protection of our environment, as well as plant life bio diversity. We generally don't talk religion, politics, or *gasp* environmental issues here in Oklahoma, but after the recent reformulation of  our favorite shampoos and conditioners, we feel compelled to pass along some info that makes us love them even more. 

"Every product formulated, designed and produced by Davines is obtained with 100% clean energy.

Davines has decided to partner with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. The purpose of which is to support small agricultural economies and prevent the extinction of artisanal traditions. This means technical and financial support for more than 10,000 small producers world wide so they can continue growing indigenous plants thus preventing the disappearance of a genetic heritage that has an inestimable biological value. "

In English, that means that our products are vegan, paraben and sulfate free, and have zero negative impact on the earth. Don't worry, the hippies didn't take away your suds! You can find more info at

Our favorite new product since the reformulation is Minu. This stuff is seriously shiny and is great for color treated hair, especially redheads and brunettes. If we haven't used some Minu on you already we probably will the next time you're in.