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We're Fall-ing So Hard

It's October, Boo!

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Sunset October 2015

Here marks the beginning of the end…of the year. Our busiest season. We're all ready to embrace the craziness, but for now why don't you just loosen your belt a little while you sneak into some of that Halloween candy and enjoy a good read here.

  This month, we talk to our friend Mike Wozniak who is doing great things for our city. Then we introduce everyone this chick Audrey who kept showing up at the salon until we hired her. Finally, we shamelessly promote our new retail shop Hygge. 

Pony Tails

Soundpony, Tulsa's finest airport bar. Circa 200

Soundpony, Tulsa's finest airport bar. Circa 200

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Soundpony Mike Wozniak October 2015

Cyclist, fashion icon, mentor, actor and startender at the best bicycle bar in America, Mike Wozniak is many things to many people. We consider him a dear friend of the salon and always an interesting human being. This month we sat dawn and discussed Emerson Bike Club, Cry Baby Hill, and what a little bar can become. 

The First Ward - Why bikes?

Mike Wozniak - I have always loved bikes! The story is my car broke down about 15 years and I decided to get a new bike instead of a car. I began riding to work everyday and started this great relationship with my bicycle.  I have grown to love and respect the beautiful simplicity of the bicycle and its power.  The compliment of circles and triangles made quite the invention!  There are so many positive health benefits and visceral experiences that I have gained from riding a bike. 

TFW - We seriously admire your involvement with the community, from working with the city on cycling, to starting the Bike Club at Emerson Elementary. Is your focus on health, or something else?

MW - Emerson and the Soundpony are in the same neighborhood.  It was a great opportunity for our business to build a community relationship with Tulsa Public Schools.  I believe health is one of the main focuses of our club, but being a partner in the community and building relationships is our main goal. Bikes were the connection.

TFW - The Soundpony recently celebrated her 10th birthday. Whoa! Your bar has made a real impact on the culture of downtown Tulsa. What's next?

MW - Thank you for the sweet compliment!  It is amazing to look back on the past 9+ years of the Soundpony. We have also have owned a building at Archer and Quanah for around 5 years.  The building is nestled between Crosby Heights and Owen Park.  We have been resistant to develop it due to city zoning. They would most likely require us to construct a parking lot.  If we had our choice, we would rather not do that.  However, it looks like the zoning will be changed around the first of the year and we can begin the process of building a new business. Our vision is to bring something to support the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Soundpony continually works hard to build our brand. I have really enjoyed the marketing aspect of the business, it has been a pleasant surprise!

TFW - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you and friends starting the first Cry Baby Hill at Tulsa Tough. We think a lot of people would agree this is one of the best parties of the year. What is one thing you love about that day and what is one thing you would change?

MW - Tulsa Tough has become the heart of U.S. cycling all because of one special weekend in June. The sport of cycling is growing in our country as well as racing. People from all over the country come to Tulsa that weekend to race, ride, and party!  Promoters come from all over to experience Cry Baby Hill for themselves.  The worst part of the Hill is people not respecting the racers and the course.  I never want the organic nature of Cry Baby Hill to change, it is what makes it special.  

TFW - Who are we?

MW - Duh! Soundpony!


The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Hygge Pop-Up Shop October 2015

As many of you know, we've had our eyes on the space below us for a while. Well, we finally got the keys on October 1st. We do have permanent plans for the space, but that won't be happening for some time. Until then, we will be hosting a series of shops and other happenings. The first of which will be Hygge (pronounced heu-gah), our pop-up market in November and December. 

  Hygge is a term we first learned about during our time in Denmark (sorry, you will be hearing about this trip for years to come). There isn't a singular definition we could narrow down, but rather a feeling the word conveys. Ultimately, we understood it to mean comfortable and cozy. When researching other definitions, a personal favorite of ours was "you know, watching CSI in bed with a hot cup of coffee." 

  The shop will be filled with things we consider Hygge. Everything from handmade ceramics to beautiful textiles and even some of our favorite products that give The First Ward its relaxed vibe. Hygge is a place to buy a gift for a loved one or a little something for yourself. We will be doing our best to keep Tulsa cozy through the holidays. 

Follow Hygge online for updates:, @shop_hygge, Facebook


The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Audrey Thomas Stylist October 2015

 You'll be seeing some fresh faces around the salon. One of which is our new friend and stylist, Audrey Thomas. She's nice (you know we like that), talented, inspired, and humble. 

  Audrey loves continuing education, so we'll be taking models for balayage and all types of haircuts for classes at the salon. Email us at if you're up for being a model at one of our classes (which will be held on Tuesdays over the next few months). A product fee of $20-$40 will apply, depending on the service provided. 

Holiday Hair Don'ts

October seems like a good time to remind everyone that the busiest season at the salon is upon us. We've always been happy to accommodate last-minute appointments and reschedules as much as possible, but since the salon is near capacity now, we strongly recommend that you go ahead and schedule out for the rest of the year. We'll always do what we can to help you out in a pinch, but it may be a bit harder for us this year than it has been in the past. We'll all be happier for this and we promise to have some particularly delicious holiday drinks on hand for you this year. Maybe even Hot Buttered Rum...

- The First Ward Brain Trust