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It's April, Fools.

We're Back!

I mean, we never really left, but we've crawled out of our hibernation hole to send you this little newsletter chock full of oh-so-exciting updates.

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Team Phone Booth April 2015

The holidays required about three months of recovery for us (i'm sure some of you can relate), but Spring is springing its ass off and we couldn't wait to bring some exciting news to your inbox. This month we introduce a new member of The First Ward team and show off our sexy new shampoo and conditioner from Davines. Finally, we have a thrilling announcement that is almost certainly not a joke. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Product Davines Minu April 2015

We know that you know we love our Davines products, but do you know why? It's not only because of how awesome they work for our clients, but also for the company's commitment to the protection of our environment, as well as plant life bio diversity. We generally don't talk religion, politics, or *gasp* environmental issues here in Oklahoma, but after the recent reformulation of  our favorite shampoos and conditioners, we feel compelled to pass along some info that makes us love them even more. 

"Every product formulated, designed and produced by Davines is obtained with 100% clean energy.

Davines has decided to partner with the non-profit Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. The purpose of which is to support small agricultural economies and prevent the extinction of artisanal traditions. This means technical and financial support for more than 10,000 small producers world wide so they can continue growing indigenous plants thus preventing the disappearance of a genetic heritage that has an inestimable biological value. "

In English, that means that our products are vegan, paraben and sulfate free, and have zero negative impact on the earth. Don't worry, the hippies didn't take away your suds! You can find more info at

Our favorite new product since the reformulation is Minu. This stuff is seriously shiny and is great for color treated hair, especially redheads and brunettes. If we haven't used some Minu on you already we probably will the next time you're in.