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Small Business Saturday

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Hygge Pop-Up Shop Small Business Saturday 2015

Small Biz Saturday: November 28

Did you know Small Business Saturday was originally a marketing campaign conceived by a credit card company? It's ironic that a holiday that started out so commercial has now found a greater meaning. 

We personally love it (and not just because we are a small business). Tulsa is growing larger by the minute, determined to be the hottest spot on the map. With that comes a lot of big business. But the real personality of any major city comes from the little guys, the one-of-a-kind places that saw potential in the area before it was "cool." These local businesses create the soul of the city. Rarely are small-business owners in it for the money. They do what they do because they love it and the culture of their city needs them.

With that in mind, we need to do what we can to show small-business owners that their efforts are worth it. It's one thing to say you love a place, but it takes a little more to keep that place alive. When you're out and about doing holiday shopping, make sure to swing by your local retail stores and show them some love. If you're in the Tulsa area, here's a list of some local shops to check out:

Dwelling Spaces
Colors of Etnika
Whiskey Business
Holy Mountain
Merriment Market @ Hoot Owl
...and don't forget to visit Hygge

Are You There, Santa? It's me, The First Ward.

Seasons Greetings from The First Ward. Let's all drink rum. 

This month we share our favorite places to gift shop. Local, online, or with us, let us be your retail sherpa in the expedition that is the holiday season. Below are 4 spots that should cover most everyone on your list. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Gift Guide December 2014

1. Cross Timbers @ Dwelling Spaces - 119 S Detroit Ave
Our dear friend Paula curates this selection of locally-sourced vintage treasures. Whether you are looking for vintage Pendleton, the perfect Harley t-shirt, or an adorable set of ceramic mixing bowls, this is the best place to find those unique gifts that will never go out of style. Look out for tons of new jewelry going on sale this week. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Gift Guide December 2014

3. The Commons - Charleston, SC
We have featured The Commons here before, and we will definitely be shopping there this season. The Commons carries "American made goods for the home." Nothing makes us happier than seeing a package from The Commons under the tree. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Gift Guide December 2014

2. Edit - Center 1, S Peoria
"Useful well designed objects for everyday living." This is what they specialize in at Edit. Expect to find the coolest version of stuff you use all the time and some complete surprises that you might just grab for yourself.

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Gift Guide December 2014

4. Spartan - Austin, TX
Jessica stumbled across this place years ago when she lived in Austin. They are another go-to online shop for gifts and all around beautiful things. The Kat and Roger ceramics are our absolute favorites right now. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Gift Certificates December 2014

We know how the holiday season can often leave people feeling a little drained, so we decided to do something special with our winter promotion for those giving the most. For two days only (December 19th and 20th) with every $100 purchased in gift cards receive $20 as a treat for yourself. 

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Cocktail Bumbo December 2014

...and now the moment you have all been waiting for, our winter cocktail is the Bumbo! This ancient drink is perfect on a chilly day to warm your bones (but we tend to drink them regardless of weather). If you would like to try making these at home, our recipe is below.

2oz Flor De Cana 7 yr
1oz turbinado simple syrup
.75 oz fresh lime juice
Few dashes of ground cinnamon
Few dashes of nutmeg

Give a nice shake and garnish with nutmeg.

Good luck and Happy Holidays from The First Ward!