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Welcome to The First Ward's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Local Edition. It may not be #SmallBusinessSaturday anymore, but we thought we'd still share our favorite Tulsa places to help you with all your Christmas shopping needs. Below you'll find things for the homes, wardrobes, and bellies of you and your loved ones. Happy Holidays! 

The First Ward Gift Guide Jill Croka

We guarantee you'll want to redecorate your whole house with the dreamy things at Jill Croka Designs
1513 E 11th St / @jillcrokadesigns

The First Ward Gift Guide Sara Matson Westover MA Doran Painting

Stop into M.A. Doran for the annual holiday show featuring artists like Sara Westover (pictured)
3509 S Peoria Ave / @smwestover

The First Ward Gift Guide Contents Co Candle

If you haven't smelled our new candle yet, read about it here and then come give it a whiff! We're obsessed / Available at TFW

The First Ward Gift Guide Sullystring Pillow

When she's not at the salon, Sarah makes textile goods under the name SULLYSTRING. Find her work online or at Jenkins + Co
1335 E 11th St / @sullystring

The First Ward Gift Guide Valkyrie Tulsa

Turns out, Valkyrie has more than just serious drinks. The bar also sells books, shirts, and tools for the amateur mixologist
13 E Mathew B. Brady St / @valkyrietulsa

The First Ward Gift Guide CrossTimbers Vintage

For one of the best shopping experiences in Tulsa, check out the next First Street Flea on Dec. 17th! The Crosstimbers booth always has some great treasures
823 East First Street / @crosstimbersok

The First Ward Gift Guide Philbrook Membership

Give someone the gift of art with a Philbrook membership. The museum gift shop is also one of the best in town, so check that out too!
2727 S Rockford Rd / @philbrookmuseum

The First Ward Gift Guide Dillon Rose Jewelry

Once you see the pieces from local jewelry makers Dillon/Rose, you'll understand exactly why we asked them to collaborate on a TFW hair pin

The First Ward Gift Guide Elixir Skincare

At Elixir Skincare Studio, you'll find everything needed to take the best care of your skin: products, treatments, massages, etc. Get a gift card!
1626 S Boston Ave / @elixiryourskin

The First Ward Gift Guide Davines Hair Care

This is the year we all learn how to appropriately treat our hair. Swing by the salon to discuss which products will get the job done / Available at TFW

The First Ward Gift Guide Chimera Tulsa

We all spend too much on coffee, but it's not like we're going to quit anytime soon. Help out a friend with a Chimera gift certificate and then eat a taco. 
212 N Main St / @chimeratulsa

The First Ward Gift Guide My Mod Mess Boxyard

You could probably do all your shopping at The Boxyard. Spend some time wandering through all the cute shops (like My Mod Mess) and then call it a day. 
502 E 3rd St / @mymodmess

The First Ward Gift Guide Dalesandro's Tulsa Vintage Wine Bar

Take someone special to dinner at Dalesandro's followed by drinks at Vintage Wine Bar. #DreamDate
1742 S Boston Ave / @dalesandrostulsa

The First Ward Gift Guide Dirty Boots Vintage

Tucked in the Philcade Building downtown, Dirty Boots Vintage is stocked with retro gems. 
501 S Boston Ave / @dirtybootsvintage

The First Ward Gift Guide Tatine Soap and Lotion

We have yet to find someone that is not in love with this soap + lotion combo. The odds are in your favor / Available at TFW

The First Ward Gift Guide

...and last but never least, we always have First Ward gift certificates! Call the salon today to set-up an appointment for someone that deserves a makeover/day of relaxation/update/whatever. Mary is standing by. 


Mark About Town

The First Ward Salon Tulsa Interview Mark Perkins
The First Ward Salon Tulsa Interview Mark Perkins

If you live in the Tulsa area, you've probably seen this face around town. But what do any of us really know about Mark Perkins? He loves a good glass of wine, an impromptu trip anywhere in the world, and he cares deeply about our fair city.  We sat down with this local enigma to get to the bottom of the important issues. Like, what is his Bacon Number? And, does Jessica give accurate tarot readings?  

What does "hygge" mean to you?

The First Ward Salon Tulsa Interview Mark Perkins

One of the beautiful attributes of hygge, and what makes it tricky to define, is that it is a concept that means something a little different to everybody.  It is both personal and universal.  For me, it’s that moment in which you find yourself content.  It’s the sensation more than the fact of being physically and mentally comfortable and untroubled.  It is related to coziness, but it has an extra kick that makes it an understated, half-conscious half-subconscious joyful coziness inclusive of multiple senses.  

Imagine finding yourself cozy, lounging with your favorite person after a night full of laughter and solid conversation, looking into the fire but not focused on it, during one of those seven-minute silences (not an uncomfortable one…a reflective one with a half-grin), and, as the illumination in the room dances with familiar cadence, the fire crackles just right, both breaking and prolonging the silence as its done since the beginning of time, while the fragrance of burning wood comingles with the residual scent of that delicious meal you improvised earlier using the beautiful ingredients you picked up at the farmer’s market you stumbled upon while exploring that cool autumn morning.  Hygge.  Or, imagine lying in the cool grass, late in the afternoon, with the sun hitting everything at the right angle but your eyes, which are looking up at the uniquely-perfect-for-that-day clouds speckled across a big sky, while a breeze comes in waves, audibly (and visually in your periphery) rustling the leaves of the semi-distant trees, reminding you of when you were a kid, having the exact same sensation without a specific memory attached to it.  Hygge.

Everyone in Tulsa seems to know you.
Are you Tulsa’s Kevin Bacon?
Do you know Kevin Bacon?

I don’t know him, but my Bacon number is 3, which is pretty good.  I was in Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst, who was in Spider Man 3 with Theresa Russell, who was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. 

Oysters vs. Crawdads?

Well, I have a healthy obsession with crawfish.  My sister-in-law is from LA…she opened my eyes long ago.  It’s tough to beat a proper crawfish boil, or Cajun food in general for that matter. Frankly, the Dionysian outlook that permeates Cajun culture as I’ve seen it is something to be embraced and celebrated.  As a society, we probably need more of it, though not the caricaturization of it (if that’s a word).  And crawfish is the perfect representative of the culture that prepares it best.  

Crawfish has a latent, delicious beauty that needs to be teased out of it.  It needs spice, it craves attention, it likes to be complemented by other flavors without being overshadowed.  Ready to let loose and dance, it has a symbiotic relationship with the chef who prepares it.  In the hands of a good chef, crawfish reaches its apex, and is capable of doing so because it is ready to party.  Full of potential. Ready to burst forth in a flurry of bliss.  And the personality of the chef, and indeed the crowd gathered to enjoy it, emerges, uniquely, at every crawfish boil, and shines through in the flavor that is aroused.  Perfectly imperfect, ready to party, full of the emotion.  The yin to the yang. 

Oysters, on the other hand, don’t need any assistance.  The lucky ones are innately beautiful.  The last thing they need is encroachment, or some blowhard’s idea of what they should be.  Similar in their carefree attitude, but different in their state of contentment. They are what they are; a product of the environment from where they come.  And what they are shines through in their most natural state. The good ones were born with it, and are uninterested in being inspired to be anything else. Like Allen Iverson, they don’t give a fuck.  They are a product of their environment, they know with focused precision that the best thing they can offer the world is to be what they are not what someone else wants them to be.  When they have it, they have it, and nothing can make it better, especially not overbearing shit like horseradish.  Their flavor tells a story worth listening to, if you’re only willing to listen.  They taste like an experience worth experiencing.  They taste like the sea; they taste specifically like the sea from which they came.  If you give them the attention they deserve, they will take you to the particular stretch of the world they used to call home.  An oyster is a tour guide that will take you to a far away place you may not know, but that you can experience if you allow yourself to listen with all of your senses.  Oysters are like wine.  And, like wine, they should be the ones telling the story.

The First Ward Salon Tulsa Interview Mark Perkins

You have the hair of a Disney Prince. 
Which princess is your soulmate?
Who had the best hair? 

Well, my first love was Ariel, but I’ve grown up a little.  So I’ll go with Belle as my soul mate.  She’s adventurous, intelligent, curious, strong, and effortlessly beautiful.  She marches to the beat of her own drum, but is not self-centered.  She is in fact pretty selfless.  Her farthest adventure afield was for others. She is both picky and romantic, and obviously is open to trying new things.  She’s an idealist.  And finally, apparently, she will also soon be played by one of my celebrity crushes, Emma Watson. Icing on the cake.

Best hair?  They all have pretty great hair (except for Snow White, obviously).  Rapunzel…her hair is literally legendary.  But I can’t get past her name reminding me of a beastie boys lyric.  And, honestly, who wants their hair to be that long?  Nobody, that’s who.  Can you imagine all the hassles it would cause, even locked in a castle (pun intended)?  Belle has really great hair, but she’s my soul mate despite that not because of it.  She could do whatever she wanted with her hair and she’d still be elegant and gorgeous.  Jasmine is exotic and gorgeous, free spirited, curious, compassionate, beautiful, and strong.  She’s also innocent, stubborn, and can be a little sassy.  Adorable.  But I’ll go with Merida.  Can you believe those locks?  Get outta here!  I’d be that creepy guy at a party she didn’t really know who’d ask to touch her hair.  Men have died for less than a fistful of those locks! Curls for life!  Ride on, red hot mama, girl, you sure look good to me!

The First Ward Salon Tulsa Interview Mark Perkins

Where in the world is Mark Perkins going next (literally + figuratively)?

I have a few little trips planned, but I’m most excited about visiting the middle east in the fall.  A few weeks ago, I booked a round trip flight to Dubai for $671!  Dubai isn’t really my destination though…it’s just a transit hub on the other side of the world that I could get to on the cheap.  Aside from spending a few days in the UAE, I have a blank canvas for a couple weeks; I’m thinking some combination of Israel/Palestine/Jordan/Egypt.  Or maybe East Africa.  I’m not really sure yet, but it’ll be fun to plan.  I’m open to suggestions…

Figuratively, I have no idea.  Hopefully, it involves a whole lotta hygge.

Has anything in Jessica's tarot reading proven to be true?

Not really. I think the first card was off.  The Empress is always a part of who I am.  My future is what it is, and yet to be determined, but by definition cannot yet be proven true.  I hope to always be a spoke on the Wheel of Fortune, open to what comes, swept up in the momentum I create by conscientious decision-making. Destiny is the cocktail made of ingredients determined by good living.

As with any good mystery, we still have questions but feel once step closer to understanding Mr. Perkins. Thanks, Mark, for taking the time to chat with us. Now we're gonna go watch Bring It On in slow motion to see if he's telling the truth. 

- Team TFW

Small Business Saturday

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Hygge Pop-Up Shop Small Business Saturday 2015

Small Biz Saturday: November 28

Did you know Small Business Saturday was originally a marketing campaign conceived by a credit card company? It's ironic that a holiday that started out so commercial has now found a greater meaning. 

We personally love it (and not just because we are a small business). Tulsa is growing larger by the minute, determined to be the hottest spot on the map. With that comes a lot of big business. But the real personality of any major city comes from the little guys, the one-of-a-kind places that saw potential in the area before it was "cool." These local businesses create the soul of the city. Rarely are small-business owners in it for the money. They do what they do because they love it and the culture of their city needs them.

With that in mind, we need to do what we can to show small-business owners that their efforts are worth it. It's one thing to say you love a place, but it takes a little more to keep that place alive. When you're out and about doing holiday shopping, make sure to swing by your local retail stores and show them some love. If you're in the Tulsa area, here's a list of some local shops to check out:

Dwelling Spaces
Colors of Etnika
Whiskey Business
Holy Mountain
Merriment Market @ Hoot Owl
...and don't forget to visit Hygge

We're Fall-ing So Hard

It's October, Boo!

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Sunset October 2015

Here marks the beginning of the end…of the year. Our busiest season. We're all ready to embrace the craziness, but for now why don't you just loosen your belt a little while you sneak into some of that Halloween candy and enjoy a good read here.

  This month, we talk to our friend Mike Wozniak who is doing great things for our city. Then we introduce everyone this chick Audrey who kept showing up at the salon until we hired her. Finally, we shamelessly promote our new retail shop Hygge. 

Pony Tails

Soundpony, Tulsa's finest airport bar. Circa 200

Soundpony, Tulsa's finest airport bar. Circa 200

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Soundpony Mike Wozniak October 2015

Cyclist, fashion icon, mentor, actor and startender at the best bicycle bar in America, Mike Wozniak is many things to many people. We consider him a dear friend of the salon and always an interesting human being. This month we sat dawn and discussed Emerson Bike Club, Cry Baby Hill, and what a little bar can become. 

The First Ward - Why bikes?

Mike Wozniak - I have always loved bikes! The story is my car broke down about 15 years and I decided to get a new bike instead of a car. I began riding to work everyday and started this great relationship with my bicycle.  I have grown to love and respect the beautiful simplicity of the bicycle and its power.  The compliment of circles and triangles made quite the invention!  There are so many positive health benefits and visceral experiences that I have gained from riding a bike. 

TFW - We seriously admire your involvement with the community, from working with the city on cycling, to starting the Bike Club at Emerson Elementary. Is your focus on health, or something else?

MW - Emerson and the Soundpony are in the same neighborhood.  It was a great opportunity for our business to build a community relationship with Tulsa Public Schools.  I believe health is one of the main focuses of our club, but being a partner in the community and building relationships is our main goal. Bikes were the connection.

TFW - The Soundpony recently celebrated her 10th birthday. Whoa! Your bar has made a real impact on the culture of downtown Tulsa. What's next?

MW - Thank you for the sweet compliment!  It is amazing to look back on the past 9+ years of the Soundpony. We have also have owned a building at Archer and Quanah for around 5 years.  The building is nestled between Crosby Heights and Owen Park.  We have been resistant to develop it due to city zoning. They would most likely require us to construct a parking lot.  If we had our choice, we would rather not do that.  However, it looks like the zoning will be changed around the first of the year and we can begin the process of building a new business. Our vision is to bring something to support the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Soundpony continually works hard to build our brand. I have really enjoyed the marketing aspect of the business, it has been a pleasant surprise!

TFW - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I remember you and friends starting the first Cry Baby Hill at Tulsa Tough. We think a lot of people would agree this is one of the best parties of the year. What is one thing you love about that day and what is one thing you would change?

MW - Tulsa Tough has become the heart of U.S. cycling all because of one special weekend in June. The sport of cycling is growing in our country as well as racing. People from all over the country come to Tulsa that weekend to race, ride, and party!  Promoters come from all over to experience Cry Baby Hill for themselves.  The worst part of the Hill is people not respecting the racers and the course.  I never want the organic nature of Cry Baby Hill to change, it is what makes it special.  

TFW - Who are we?

MW - Duh! Soundpony!


The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Hygge Pop-Up Shop October 2015

As many of you know, we've had our eyes on the space below us for a while. Well, we finally got the keys on October 1st. We do have permanent plans for the space, but that won't be happening for some time. Until then, we will be hosting a series of shops and other happenings. The first of which will be Hygge (pronounced heu-gah), our pop-up market in November and December. 

  Hygge is a term we first learned about during our time in Denmark (sorry, you will be hearing about this trip for years to come). There isn't a singular definition we could narrow down, but rather a feeling the word conveys. Ultimately, we understood it to mean comfortable and cozy. When researching other definitions, a personal favorite of ours was "you know, watching CSI in bed with a hot cup of coffee." 

  The shop will be filled with things we consider Hygge. Everything from handmade ceramics to beautiful textiles and even some of our favorite products that give The First Ward its relaxed vibe. Hygge is a place to buy a gift for a loved one or a little something for yourself. We will be doing our best to keep Tulsa cozy through the holidays. 

Follow Hygge online for updates:, @shop_hygge, Facebook


The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Audrey Thomas Stylist October 2015

 You'll be seeing some fresh faces around the salon. One of which is our new friend and stylist, Audrey Thomas. She's nice (you know we like that), talented, inspired, and humble. 

  Audrey loves continuing education, so we'll be taking models for balayage and all types of haircuts for classes at the salon. Email us at if you're up for being a model at one of our classes (which will be held on Tuesdays over the next few months). A product fee of $20-$40 will apply, depending on the service provided. 

Holiday Hair Don'ts

October seems like a good time to remind everyone that the busiest season at the salon is upon us. We've always been happy to accommodate last-minute appointments and reschedules as much as possible, but since the salon is near capacity now, we strongly recommend that you go ahead and schedule out for the rest of the year. We'll always do what we can to help you out in a pinch, but it may be a bit harder for us this year than it has been in the past. We'll all be happier for this and we promise to have some particularly delicious holiday drinks on hand for you this year. Maybe even Hot Buttered Rum...

- The First Ward Brain Trust


Time to Sit Back and Unwind

Congratulations. You survived Travis Meyer's Wicked Weather. We hope your basement is less flooded than James and Jessicas. In this issue we talk Tulsa Tough, Krystle's Intrepid Lifestyle, and more cocktails than you can shake a muddler at.  

Are You Tulsa Tuff?

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Tulsa Tough Cycling June 2015

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Our favorite holiday is upon us. It's time for Tulsa Tough! We will be hosting our 4th Annual Friday night TT party on June 12th. Please join us at the salon from 5-10 to cheer on the cyclists from our air conditioned perch, while you enjoy a cocktail and entertainment provided by us!  We will have a door person making sure we don't blow by capacity this year, so show up early, or late, or whatever…we'll be too busy spilling drinks on the crowd below to notice what's going on in here. 

Also, we will be offering a 10% discount to those of you that ride your bikes to the salon in June. We have plenty of room to store those bikes, so you can bring them upstairs with you, or chain them up on the sidewalk.

Krystle Went to Canada

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Krystle Canada June 2015

Krystle was on a pretty sweet vacay last month. When she got back to work, she was all glowing and shit, so we thought we'd pick her brain to see what she did on her days off and how that makes her work better. Here's a little interview for you to enjoy.

TFW - What were some highlights from your trip?

KM - Vancouver has one of the largest Chinatowns in North America. The street is covered in brilliant colors and there are tons of unique markets and restaurants to check out. My personal favorite was a Chinese brasserie called Bao Bei (meaning "precious"). It is not the most traditional approach to Chinese cuisine, but they have great dumplings, stiff cocktails, and they teach you useful Chinese phrases such as "it's not you, it's me" or "you are my baby." 

I'd also recommend taking the ferry to Vancouver Island, which is rich in lush gardens, fresh seafood, and great whisky. We were hosted by a couple named Tom and Rosie in Quallicum Beach. Tom created these nut shaped homes that suspend from the tops of mature cedar and fir trees. When I asked Tom how he came up with the idea, he humbly replied "It's just something that I couldn't get out of my head." You're an inspiration to us all, Tom!

FW - What regional trends did you notice? 

KM - People are more active in the northwest so most hairstyles are worn natural and are conducive to one's lifestyle. Highlights were subtle from the sun, curls from moisture in the air, and it's not uncommon to see a woman let her hair dry on her walk to work. I am ALL about this. We should have easier styles that work with our elements and natural hair so that we have more time doing things that we love. Hello! 

TFW - How do your travels influence your work?

KM - I am inspired by the colors in a desert sunset, Canadians being suspiciously nice, and the way someone's culture, religion, or environment can influence their personal style. Then, I apply it to my work/life in whatever positive way I can. Traveling has changed the way I relate to others by keeping me open minded and Stefan Sagmeister says it adds on years to your life. ;)

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Krystle Canada June 2015

Goodbye Bumbo, Hello Everything!

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Lake Drinks Cocktails June 2015

It's no secret that we've been busy little bees at the salon, so in honor of our summer fantasies we've decided to dive head first into "Lake Cocktails" this season. It was impossible to narrow this down to just one drink, so we have three: the Paloma - a tequila drink with all the flavor of a margarita and none of the ego, the Tinto de Verano - sangria's bastard child, and the Jack Rudy G&T - like a normal Gin and Tonic, but way better. These simple and delicious drinks will make you want to do donuts on your jet skis. 


Research and Development

The First Ward Hair Studio Tulsa Blog Travel Vacation June 2015

James and Jessica will be out of the salon doing "research" July 14th - July 24th. We promise to come back refreshed, inspired and ready to work. The schedule is already getting full, so if you know you'll be wanting an appointment around these dates, we recommend booking very soon.