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Hip to be Square

The First Ward Oklahoma Downtown Tulsa Overground Website

With a couple new additions to the First Ward family this last year, we figured it was finally time to update the Team page on our website. But because we have a "Go Big or Go Home" approach to everything we do, we decided to update the entire website instead. 

As you have a look around, make sure you first read about our (relatively) new stylist Audrey, who is a highlight mastermind, and our project manager Sarah (we promise she works here). These ladies successfully survived the hazing phase, and now we barely remember the days without them. Plus, with two more on our squad, we've increased the number of weird ideas by fifty percent. Everybody, watch out. 

In addition, we've added a photo gallery showcasing a handful of our incredible clients and some recent press. You can also find an archive of our past newsletters, conveniently located on our new blog.  Stay tuned for more updates, or join our newsletter (if you haven't already!).