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The Hairstory of the World, Pt. 1

The First Ward / Hairstory 2016

For all our fellow humans with hair, it seems we are always on a quest to find a product that makes daily styling easier. And as stylists, it's our job to find you that miracle solution.  

We started experimenting with Hairstory during the fall, and quickly saw its power. We shouldn't have been surprised seeing as it was developed by Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon. With only four products in the Hairstory line, the goal is obvious: keep it simple. Each product is designed to work with your everyday, low-maintenance life. The star player in the line-up is the New Wash. This lightweight aloe-based creamy cleanser is all you need to make your hair feel equal parts clean and manageable, while still providing that lived-in look we're always striving to achieve. The other products are then just icing in the cake, helping create shape and texture without adding any weight to your hair. Like we said, pretty simple stuff.

And in the name of making things easier, Hairstory has committed that goal to their business philosophy as well. The brand understands that not everyone has a team of stylists getting them ready in the morning. That's why they seek out stylists who focus on creating hair that looks salon-ready even in-between appointments. With a grassroots approach to marketing, Hairstory allows their team to create more substantial relationships with salons. We can prove it. The First Ward is a big fan of Hairstory's Beau Bollinger who is always quick to answer our phone calls or accept our impromptu haircut challenges whenever he's in town. 

In everything they do, Hairstory makes it very apparent that they value the stylists they work with and their clients. That's why they have made all their products available online, with the option to give credit to your regular hairstylist. Ask about New Wash next time you are in the salon, or for the curious, check out the link below.