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Create Gala 2017

The First Ward Salon Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Salon Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma

The word must be out about TFW parties, because Jessica and James were enlisted to chair the 2017 Create Gala for the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa & Hardesty Arts Center (AHHA). If you've ever been out on the town during the First Friday art crawl in the Brady District, you know this gallery/organization is an incredible resource for the cultural growth of downtown Tulsa. If you haven't, we urge you to check it out next time you need ideas for a hot date. 

The First Ward Salon Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma

The night consisted of two parts: the main event and the after party. The evening began with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the garden followed by an artful dinner by local chef Justin Thompson. Surrounded by work from Angela PiehlAmy Rockett-Todd, and Douglas Shaw Elder, guests gathered in the main gallery to learn more about the fundraiser: The Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa provides many educational programs in the community, and one of the highlights is their partnership with Any Given Child. This program serves every single Tulsa Public Schools student K-8 with a live or hands-on arts experience. That's roughly 30,000 kids, many of whom have no other exposure to the arts outside of school. AHCT works with other arts nonprofits in town to provide these experiences, and as the lead partner, has a higher fundraising goal to help pay for field trips. That's where CREATE comes in!

The First Ward Salon AHHA Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Salon AHHA Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Salon AHHA Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma
The First Ward Salon AHHA Create Gala 2017 Tulsa Oklahoma

After dinner, guests enjoyed dessert and explored various art experiences stationed throughout the building including a dark room, screenprinting station, and a virtual reality zone. Under the direction of artist Erin Turner, this art immersion also included installations by current residents of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, interactive workshops, and live performances by Tulsa Modern Movement. Dinner guests completed the night on the third floor terrace for drinks, dancing, and even more installations. 

In its second year, and under the wing of The First Ward, the Create Gala had the heart of Bike Club Nightclub and the lasers of Fist Wad. CREATE 2017 turned out to be a pretty wild time. It was an honor to work with so many incredible artists and the amazing team at AHHA. Thanks to all who joined in the fun and supported arts education in our city. With your help, Tulsa is turning into a pretty cool place. See you on the dance floor in 2018! 

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Bike Club Nightclub

As any Oklahoman well knows, Tulsa Tough is the greatest holiday of the year (yes, even better than Christmas). To celebrate our love for fast bicycles and hot summer nights, The First Ward throws an annual party right in the middle of all the excitement.  For 2016, we upped our game by hosting a fundraiser for Bike Club, a local organization that encourages kids to ride bicycles and get involved in their community.  

With the help of some incredible sponsors, the party was the perfect way to kick off an action-packed weekend. And more importantly, we were about to raise more than enough money to fund a school for an entire year. 

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The First Ward Hair Studio / Tulsa Oklahoma / Hygge Pop-Up Shop

In the Winter of 2015, The First Ward had the exciting opportunity to host our first lifestyle pop-up shop both online and in-store. Because it was the holiday season, and we’re always scheming up ways to showcase our talented friends, we figured Downtown Tulsa needed a little more retail. Plus, the timing could not have been more perfect as we had just acquired the street-level space below the salon.

Inspired by a summer vacation to Denmark, we felt such a strong sense of comfort, warmth, and happiness. The shop was then named after the Danish word "hygge," which roughly translates to surrounding yourself with cozy things and people you love. With a collection of wares from local artists and creative friends from around the country, we provided goods that were ethically made, that we had a personal connection to, and provided a continued coziness to whomever ends up with them. A list of featured vendors is featured below.

The rising growth of Tulsa gives us the opportunity to test out a lot of our ideas and change the way people perceive the city. With the support of our salon clients and the new local friends we made, we are extremely proud of what our project accomplished and excited for our next great adventure.