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The First Ward Hair Studio / Tulsa Oklahoma / Hygge Pop-Up Shop

In the Winter of 2015, The First Ward had the exciting opportunity to host our first lifestyle pop-up shop both online and in-store. Because it was the holiday season, and we’re always scheming up ways to showcase our talented friends, we figured Downtown Tulsa needed a little more retail. Plus, the timing could not have been more perfect as we had just acquired the street-level space below the salon.

Inspired by a summer vacation to Denmark, we felt such a strong sense of comfort, warmth, and happiness. The shop was then named after the Danish word "hygge," which roughly translates to surrounding yourself with cozy things and people you love. With a collection of wares from local artists and creative friends from around the country, we provided goods that were ethically made, that we had a personal connection to, and provided a continued coziness to whomever ends up with them. A list of featured vendors is featured below.

The rising growth of Tulsa gives us the opportunity to test out a lot of our ideas and change the way people perceive the city. With the support of our salon clients and the new local friends we made, we are extremely proud of what our project accomplished and excited for our next great adventure.