The First Ward has an expertly curated team that we consider to be family. Through challenging ourselves internally, working with a progressive-minded community of hairdressers across the globe, traveling and education, we continue to grow. We do this for ourselves and we do it for you because we genuinely love exceeding your expectations.  

den mother / INFP

Make no mistake, it is Jessica’s spark that lights the fire of The First Ward. This place is her vision come to life. Jessica walked into this old art studio/former brothel and immediately saw potential. And when she makes her mind up about something, we either go along with it or get the hell out of the way. Often described as an intuitive hairdresser, Jessica uses her twenty years of experience to give her clients their best look. JB knows hair. And 80s pop music. And she is really good at guessing cat breeds.

The First Ward Hair Studio / Tulsa, Oklahoma / Jessica

man / unrated chess player
If Jessica is the spark, then James is the one who keeps the place from burning down. With their powers combined, the two could take over the world - and they have. James started his hair career working for hotshot clients in NYC and has since brought that same glamour to The First Ward. Despite being our token male, he's the go-to source for big princess waves (you can thank his childhood crush on Snow White). And while he's making you look like a total bombshell, you'll feel like you are catching up with a close friend. 

The First Ward Hair Studio / Tulsa, Oklahoma / James

natural hair lover / hand talker

Krystle Morris is the only person we have ever met that said their favorite holiday is Valentine's Day. Being the hopeless romantic of the group, we're always impressed with how she transforms the most difficult heads of hair into something soft and sensible. With over eleven years of  experience in the industry, and previously owning her own salon, K-Mo knows her stuff. In fact, she rarely does a full blow-dry. She cuts hair in such a way that it prefers to dry naturally, probably because she thinks everyone looks their best at the swimming pool. 

The First Ward Hair Studio / Tulsa, Oklahoma / Krystle


human bat / free therapy

Well it finally happened: James and Jessica realized they aren’t multi-armed robots. So J&J put a call out into the universe and lo and behold, an angel named Andrea appeared.  She has all the qualities you could wish for in an assistant: integrity, maturity, flexibility, curiosity, and style. As a former social worker, Andrea views hair as another way of taking care of people and giving them new confidence. Andrea loves the dramatic reveal which is reflected in her skill at bleaching, vibrant colors, and technical men’s barbering. With all this and her talent as a makeup artist, she is an obvious high score for our team. Maybe you’re born with it; maybe you need Andrea. 

The First Ward Hair Salon Downtown Tulsa Stylist Andrea


project manager / dreamweaver

Sarah is the cruise missile, the secret weapon, the surprise piece of pizza in your fridge on a hungover morning. Trained as a fiber artist, Sarah gets The First Ward in a way that we could never have explained. She was the prime mover behind our pop-up shop "Hygge," and now she is helping us embrace every opportunity that comes our way.  Sarah is the fuel in our rocket ship. 

The First Ward Hair Studio / Tulsa, Oklahoma / Sarah

IMG_7599 (1).jpg

princess charming / wiggle worm

First impressions are everything, and Mary is the master. You want proof? She came to us for bangs and walked out with a job. Her immediate, infectious charm is exactly why we put her at the helm of The First Ward. Upon arrival at the salon, you’ll be greeted with a smile, good conversation, and a glass of wine. Feel free to ask her about the time she went crocodile hunting in Brazil or about how many mice she can fit in her pockets. Plus, hospitality runs deep in her blood: her father was the only person in Dallas qualified to serve tea to the Queen of England. So yeah, she knows how to make you feel like royalty. Give us a call, Mary is standing by.